Jiveworld is a self-paced language learning platform for students to focus on listening fluency and vocabulary acquisition. The following resources support you in the classroom so you can dive deeper into the themes and language in the story, keeping your students engaged.

Activity Guides

Authored by top language teachers, each e-booklet has a series of ready-to-deploy student activities that build towards a final creative deliverable based on the story theme.

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Story Scripts

Printable scripts for each story, listing all the chapters, hints, and selected vocabulary. Intended for Spanish teachers who want to plan their own class activities.

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Guided Listening Worksheets

Students use these to take structured notes while listening. Each comes in two formats: for printing and writing; and for importing into Google Docs or Word for typing.

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Meet the writers

Barbara Sawhill (Chief Editor)

Director of Education, Radio Ambulante

Barbara is a language educator with more than 20 years of classroom experience. She holds advanced degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the University of Texas at Austin. She currently teaches Spanish at Bowdoin College (Brunswick, Maine).

Arianna Alfaro, Ph.D.

Spanish Language Lecturer, Pitzer College, California

Arianna was born in Sonora, Mexico. She studied Latin American Literature at UC Santa Cruz and UC Riverside. Her classes at Pitzer College have a focus on social justice and language as a social practice. Arianna enjoys reading, music, and traveling.

Jon Dicus, M.Ed.

Spanish and Social Studies Teacher, The Blake School, Minnesota

Jon lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently teaches AP Spanish. Latin American music and culture have always inspired him to teach and learn, and he has been using Jiveworld in his classroom since 2020. Jon has traveled extensively in Latin America and the Caribbean and has cycled throughout Cuba, México, Argentina, and Chile. He and his family also lived a year in Mendoza, Argentina.

Fátima Vélez Giraldo, MFA

Spanish Teacher, Hunter College (CUNY), New York

Fátima is a writer, professor, cultural producer, and Ph.D. candidate in Latin American Cultural Studies at the Graduate Center (CUNY). She holds an MFA in Creative Writing in Spanish from New York University.

Javier Gastón-Greenberg, Ph.D.

Curriculum Developer, Spanish Enrichment Program, KIPP AMP, New York

Javier is a professor of Hispanic Languages and Literature. He is one of the co-creators of Hero Genesis, a curriculum development program that uses the secret language of comics to empower storytelling. Javier completed his doctorate on Cuban comics with a focus on how comics are used to construct hero mythos as well as reveal its crises.

Luzmaría Renjifo López, MA

Independent Spanish Tutor

Luzmaría is an independent Spanish tutor based in Austin, Texas. She has over 13 years of experience teaching Spanish at the college level and in corporate environments. She has a BA in Literature from Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia) and an MA in Hispanic Literature from Yale University.

Kelly Tagle, MA

Spanish Teacher, Austin Independent School District, Texas

Kelly has her BA and MA in Spanish and has taught for 10 years. Kelly formerly worked as a flight attendant and loves travel. She enjoys teaching in high school and is always looking for new ways to engage students and make learning fun. Kelly is married with two children.

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