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Still struggling to understand another language in movies?
You’re not alone.

The way our brains process speech is an everyday miracle we take for granted — until we try and learn another language. Listening is the foundational skill on which speaking, reading, and writing are built, yet languages are usually taught "eyes first." That's why, even after years of study, we can find ourselves stuck on the wrong side of fluency.

Ears first

Jiveworld brings you natural spoken language in the form of compelling stories from top radio producers. These are not the typical slow, monochrome set-pieces manufactured for study. Our stories have color and flow, are messy and glorious — just like real life.

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Uniquely Latin American Stories

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish-language podcast, distributed by NPR. Their journalism has won numerous accolades, including the Gabriel García Márquez Prize.

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Invite students to a Jiveworld Classroom and set homework they’ll see directly in the app. Use the Activity Guides and other resources to engage them in Spanish classes they’ll love.

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