Superheroes, transitional phrases, and getting ripped off

March 11, 2024

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We're traveling to Argentina, in this edition, to introduce you to a real-life superhero. Then we explore transitional phrases, learn an idiom for getting swindled, and share an article on building effective language learning habits. ¡Avancemos!

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Featured story
El superhéroe

There's a real-life superhero in Argentina. His name is Menganno, and he leads a double life. He has a wife and kids, and is the owner of a private security company. But several nights a week, he puts on a costume and roams the streets of Buenos Aires fighting crime in disguise.

Siempre dije yo: "El único poder que tengo es llamar la atención".

Soundbites from El superhéroe explore the Argentinian accent, explain the reflexive hacerse, uncover the logic behind the name Menganno, and much more.

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Artwork by Agustina Grasso

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Language learning tip
Transitional phrases

If your conversational Spanish tends to be of the "T-shirt and flip flops" variety, we've got just the way to dress it up. Try these connecting phrases to make one sentence glide effortlessly into the next, like a real language pro. 

Sin embargo: 'Nonetheless' or 'however'
Use this when you need to introduce a contrast, or a contradiction, between phrases.

  • Me cae muy bien Rafael. Sin embargo, puede ser mucho a veces.
  • “I really like Rafael. However, he can be a bit much at times.”

Por lo tanto: 'Therefore' or 'so'
Use this for drawing conclusions.

  • El tráfico estaba muy pesado, por lo tanto llegué tarde a la reunión.
  • "Traffic was heavy, so I got to the meeting late."

Además: 'In addition’ or ‘also’
Use this to include extra information or add to your point.

  • Tengo que terminar mi trabajo antes del viernes, y además, tengo un montón de pendientes de la semana pasada.
  • "I have to finish my work before Friday, and I also have a ton of tasks left from last week."

En cambio: ‘On the other hand’
Use this to compare phrases or ideas.

  • He logrado evitar comer carne por una semana. El queso, en cambio, es otra cosa.
  • "I've managed to go a week without eating meat. Cheese, on the other hand, is a whole other thing."

Start sprinkling these into your Spanish to make your conversations feel polished and natural.

ICYMI: Getting ripped off

We hope you never need this, but, just in case, here's a short video that teaches you an idiom about getting duped en español. The phrase involves a cat, a hare, and some deception regarding what's actually for dinner. 

Preview image for a video with text that says "I got ripped off in Spanish" Click the image to go to the video.

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