Planes, motivation, and loan words

March 25, 2024

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Did you dream of doing something extraordinary when you were young? Something everyone else said was impossible? Fly with us to Argentina where two brothers take on a monumental task, then get motivated to embark on your own adventure with idiomatic sayings en español. Lastly, we lighten your vocab list with loan words, announce a new pro feature, and empathetically stress over language expectations for fútbol players in Madrid.

Detailed illustration of two men standing closely together in front of a small single engine plane in a desert landscape.

Featured story
Somos fabricantes

In 1940s Argentina, two farm boys dreamed of building an airplane. With a third grade education, a battered copy of Popular Mechanics, and a hand-me-down engine, the two brothers dedicated their lives to pursuing the impossible.

Cuando tenía siete, ocho años, bueno, ahí… se me metió en la cabeza de que quería hacer el avión.

Soundbites from Somos fabricantes will test you on grammar and vocab while illuminating language patterns. You'll also find idioms about acting decisively, and another meaning for pavo.

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Artwork by Rocío Urtecho

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Compact toolbar

The Sentence Actions Toolbar we released recently has been a big hit — language assistance right where you need it. Prominent clear labels help our new members understand the features, but once you know what those buttons mean those same labels can take up a lot of room.

Now — for all you Jiveworld pros — we have "compact mode" which moves more actions into the toolbar. So if you want "slow replay" at your fingertips again, here it is! Find the "Compact Toolbar" option in the three-dots menu on the toolbar itself, or in the player settings.

Spanish language tip
Motivational phrases, en español

These classic sayings will improve your vocab while keeping you motivated along your Spanish learning journey. Try writing these in your study notebook or pinning up near your desk for when you need a little inspiration.

Sin prisas, pero sin pausas = Slow and steady wins the race
You won't see your Spanish progress all at once. Day to day, you might feel like you're not learning that much, but when you look back in a year, that day-by-day practice will have made a huge difference.

El que la sigue, la consigue = He who perseveres, succeeds
There might be ups and downs as you learn Spanish — successes and failures — but what's most important is to show up daily however you can, and keep at it.

Quien mucho abarca poco aprieta = Jack of all trades, master of none
If you feel overwhelmed by how much there is to learn in Spanish, focus on mastering one task or skill at a time. Don't spread yourself too thin, or you might burn out!

Tener otro idioma es poseer una segunda alma = To know another language is to have a second soul
This one needs no explanation — what you're doing is much more than learning a language, or acquiring a useful tool. You're learning to express yourself in entirely new ways, and in doing that, uncovering a layer of yourself you might not have known before.

English's influence on Spanish

Languages build, steal, and evolve from one another. And Spanish is no different. In this video we highlight English words that have been embraced by Spanish. Unlike "false friends" which can trip you up, these words make your life a little easier.

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Want us to make a video on a specific aspect of Spanish? Just let us know.

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