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December 18, 2023

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This week we bring you a brand new story (and Soundbites) about a doctor in Bogotá whose humanitarian efforts land him in legal trouble. Speaking of 'bites, you can now find Soundbites directly inside the stories they are excerpted from. Check out the new and improved study flow and let us know what you think. And heads up, this is our last newsletter for 2023. We'll see you next year!

Colorful illustration of a man entering a jungle, having left a rowboat in a small river behind him

Featured story
Esa maldita ida allá

Diego, a renowned doctor, travelled to the Colombian jungle in 2003 to provide medical treatment as an unpaid volunteer. The trip only lasted two days, but it would cost him years of his life. Soundbites from this new story cover what volver does to verbs, Colombian pronunciation, and the opposite of a "bad apple."

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Artwork by Emilio Cruañas

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Updates to Jiveworld
Soundbites have moved into Stories

The Jiveworld Study Flow just got a major upgrade. Now, when you start a chapter you'll see all of its Soundbites inline. Doing these mini-lessons first makes the listening easier, introducing you to important aspects of language, pronunciation, and culture from the chapter.

You don't have to follow our recommended flow, though. Want to skip the Soundbites and do them later? No problem — just tap on the "eye and ear" card underneath to dive straight into the main chapter. If you're an advanced learner or have studied a story before, you can jump right to Natural Listen mode by tapping on the "ear" icon. 

New Soundbites (like in this week's new story) will only be available to Jiveworld subscribers, but you can still access any Soundbites you've previously unlocked. Tap on "Find Soundbites I've done" on the home screen, and open a story from there.

We've also made it easier to find stories with Soundbites, unplayed Soundbites for stories you've completed, and many other improvements.

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ICYMI: Another use for "bien"

Beginner Spanish classes most likely taught you that bien means "good" or "well" and is the proper response to ¿Cómo está?

But bien can be used in many more ways. Watch this short video to learn another way you'll encounter bien in conversations.

Preview image for a video with text that says "You'll never guess what BIEN means in Spanish." Click the image to go to the video.

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