Documentation in the D.R., false friends, and gift-giving

December 4, 2023

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Juliana never left her native country. So why is she an immigrant? Discover the answer in this week's featured story, La Sentencia. After the story, we show you how to go "back to the future" in the Jiveworld player, explain what false friends are, and share the perfect last-minute gift idea (spoiler: it's a Jiveworld subscription).

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Featured story
La Sentencia

Juliana is undocumented in the Dominican Republic, even though she was born there. Her Haitian heritage and residence in bateyes prevented her from getting her government-issued ID — which has set her and children's lives on a path of peril. Soundbites in La Sentencia will familiarize you with the Dominican accent, teach you about sugarcane settlements, and explore different ways to use the verb echar.

Jiveworld subscriber Nicole P. recommends the grammar Soundbites from La Sentencia as "easily remembered and applied" and says of the story: "What a strange and regretful conundrum for a person to have to face. I can't imagine having to go through that where I live." Want to listen to the full story? Subscribe to unlock the entire catalog of Stories and Soundbites. 

Artwork by Luis Trelles

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Jiveworld tip of the week
Back to the future

Have you found yourself in this scenario? You're enjoying a Jiveworld story and need to go back and re-listen to a sentence, or maybe look up some vocabulary. After you complete your task, you want to quickly get back to where you were when you stopped. The Jiveworld player has your back.

After you rewind the story, a dark gray button appears on the bottom right. Tapping this button will take you back to the future — back to where you left off in the story originally. This button will also appear when you reach the credits at the end of a story, allowing you to skip them if you've already heard them before.

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ICYMI: False friends, en español

A "false friend" is a word that looks similar in different languages, but means something very different. For example, embarazada may look and sound like the English word "embarrassed" but it means "pregnant" in Spanish. Watch this short video for five other false friends that trip up even advanced Spanish learners. 

Screenshot of Instagram video talking about false friends in Spanish. Click to play the video.

Give the gift of language

Looking for a gift that doesn't require shipping, wrapping, or fighting crowds over? Consider purchasing a Jiveworld subscription for a student, friend, or family-member. 

You can purchase 3-month and 1-year gift coupons for anyone, right from your account. As a bonus, if the gift recipient has a school email address, they'll get bonus time: the 3-month coupon will automatically turn into five months of full access, and the 1-year coupon will grant two full years of Jiveworld Español.

Perfect for new semesters, New Year's resolutions, or travel-fans, a Jiveworld subscription is a gift you can feel good about as it also directly supports the investigative journalism of Spanish-language podcast Radio Ambulante. 

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