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Go beyond the dictionary

Grammar and vocabulary are important, but there's so much more to true fluency. Soundbites explore the language and culture across eight dimensions.

Hear real spoken Spanish from over 20 countries

Soundbites are excerpted from uniquely Latin American stories by the award-winning Radio Ambulante podcast. Each week you'll explore a different story and the language and culture inside it.

Unravel the mystery

Each Soundbite is a language puzzle with several clues to the solution. Even when you know the answer, you'll discover plenty new in the insights and examples — all while your Spanish listening gets a workout.

Try today’s Soundbite

Take small steps, and giant leaps

The free Daily Soundbite is your everyday habit, something you can do, even on busy days. When you're ready, try the full Jiveworld story with more of everything. Stroll or hike — both trails lead to real-world Spanish fluency.

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