We don't have any open positions right now, but if you are a leader and want to transform how languages are learned then tell us how we can work together at [email protected]

Our mission

Radically improve how any learner of any language can achieve native-level fluency.

Work with us

We are a company of artisans: individually, masters of our craft who enjoy building (not managing others who build). But building great software is not an individual pursuit: it takes a village of different talents.

When we started Jiveworld, we thought hard about our relationship to our work. We wanted a company that would not just sustain us economically, but also satisfy our quest for meaning in what we do. We wanted a business "to have and to hold" (not to sell) where we could improve our craft, and ship essential products that customers love (enough to support us with their purchases).

Most of all, we wanted to work with others who feel the same way, who are themselves strong leaders. If you are part of our team, fully committed for the long haul, then you are a "Jiveworld member" — like a family member — not an employee.

Our Principles

We committed to self-funding our company from the outset, using our own savings and sweat. This way we control our own destiny, and we can fold all our energy into the productive business instead of fundraising, investor relations, and all the associated lawyering. An outside investor wouldn't buy our equity anyway since we're not seeking an "exit". (Why would we want to exit a profitable company where we love what we do?)

We optimize for making over managing, by keeping our team small — a dozen give-or-take — and we plan to keep it that way. A few talented people with the right skills can make a huge impact in tech; this is getting more true each day with:

  • better production tools
  • more powerful, scalable services for rent covering functions both operational (accounting, HR, CRM etc) and technical
  • democratized access to wide markets (App Store, Fulfilled By Amazon, etc.)

The creative talents are in-house, and we borrow the rest until they become core competencies. If we reach the limit of what a small team can do, we spin out a new company, sharing technology and operational infrastructure.

We're not too proud to borrow excellence (for example Amazon's leadership principles), nor too timid to walk our own path and accept the risks. The Jiveworld business has its own evolving "operating system" — as much of an innovation as our products — which covers everything from how we recognize and compensate ourselves, to how we partner with other organizations.

"Ownership" and "service" are foundational concepts. Each member leads a broad area of responsibility. We own our actions and mistakes, and make them good. We serve the other members, our customers, and our business partners. We all serve the business and act as business owners, which is what we are. And as a Social Purpose Corporation we serve the wider community.

If you work with us at Jiveworld, this is what we expect from you, and this is what you can expect from us.